Cute Cat & Mouse Catnip Cat Toys, Set of 4


Cute Cat & Mouse Catnip Cat Toys, Set of 4 Cat Nip Toys for Kittens, Kitties – Embroidered Felt Handmade Cat Toy – Stuffed Cat Toys

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Keep your kitten, adult or senior kitty entertained with these cute mouse and cat felt toys in assorted colors stuffed generously with catnip and a little polyester fiberfill. Your cats and kittens need some relaxation and fun, especially during this pandemic. Our fur babies were getting annoyed with all of us at home so we made these for our kitties. They just adore the fresh catnip and all the colors. We love to watch them toss, bite and roll the cute little toys. Sometimes they hide them and sometimes they scatter them about the place. I thought you and your kitties would enjoy them too. Package of 3 mouse embroidered toys and 1 cat embroidered toy, all embroidered on colored felt in assorted colors. They are stuffed with a generous amount of catnip and just enough fiberfill so I can sew them up without making a mess. Great fun for kitties of all ages. Made in the USA and kitty-tested. Unique designs you won't find elsewhere. Each toy is approximately 3 x 2.5 inches. Also available without catnip - add a note with your order or send me a message.


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