Reward Points Loyalty Program

***I’ve imported balances from the old system, but if you don’t see a balance or it doesn’t look correct, send me an email and I’ll look into it right away.***

I’ve upgraded the loyalty rewards system 

I think you’ll enjoy the improvements.

  • You can redeem your points quicker and for more savings.
  • I’ve carried balances over from the previous system but if the balance doesn’t look correct, please send me an email – I’ll double check and let you know.
  • Points will be added the same day (usually within an hour) of your earning them. (For sales, they’ll get added at the time of final payment – which is when your order ships.)
  • You can see new activity in your points on your Dashboard.
  • Some of the names on the Dashboard have changed, so please read through here if you’re not sure where something is. If you have any trouble finding something, please feel free to call or email.

You need to be logged in to earn Reward Points.

To accumulate points, you need to have an account with us and be logged in when you purchase, refer a friend or write a review. If you don’t already have an account, please Register here. If you had an account in our previous system, it will be here too – log in with the same email and password you used before. We will never sell, distribute or share any of your information!

Earn points just by making a purchase

With each purchase you make, you earn 1 point for every dollar that you spend. For example, if you spend $25.81, you earn 25 points. For every 20 points you earn, you can get $1 off an upcoming purchase. You can store up your points if you’d like – there’s no upper limit.


You can earn more points by referring friends. To do that, just login to your account and choose “My Invitation” from the menu on the left. To send an invitation/referral link to a friend, click the button Send Invitation. Then enter the email address(es) of your friend(s) and add a personal note if you’d like. Our system will send them an email with a link to visit the site and create an account. When your friend makes her/his first purchase, you’ll earn an extra 25 points.The first time a friend makes a purchase, you’ll earn an additional 50 points. As a bonus, you’ll earn points on 10% of their purchases. (e.g., your friend buys $100, you’ll get 10 points.) From the same Referred Friends page, you can see the status of your referrals.

Product Reviews

You can also earn extra Reward Points by reviewing the products you’ve purchased. For each product that you write a review, we’ll add 10 Reward Points to your accoun. To review a product, login to your account, find the product you purchased (you can see them listed in your account dashboard under Recent Orders), then click the link to review the product to the right of the large image on the website. It only takes a minute and we really appreciate your feedback! As long as the product is still active, you can review any item you previously purchased. If you need help finding them, send Penny an email – she can send you a list of what you purchased previously with the skus so they’re easy to find. You can Log In to your account here.

Redeeming Your Reward Points

It’s really quite easy. When you’ve earned sufficient points for a credit (20 points for $1 off), your shopping cart will prompt you asking if you want to redeem them during checkout. (It will prompt you in the portion where you enter your payment information.) It’s fine to use your points along with a coupon.

Did you forget to log in when purchasing so one (or more) of your orders isn’t showing up in your Reward Points balance?

That’s OK. Just send me an email with the approximate date and approximate amount of the sale that’s missing and we’ll find it and update your Reward Points accordingly.


Reward Points transferred over from your previous purchases on our ‘old’ website

You can check your points balance on your Account Dashboard. Once you log In to your account, click the My Account link at the top of any page. That will take you to your Dashboard. If you don’t think your points balance is correct, send an email to Penny and she’ll be happy to send you the breakdown. For transactions on this new version of the site, you’ll be able to see the history.